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Free Online Bible Courses

NOTE - These courses are not available at this time and I am not sure when or if they will be available in the future. The way my site is set up now has broken what used to work with these courses. For now, time and knowledge do not allow me to update them so they will work at this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For now, you can go to http://thebiblespeaks.danvillechurchofchrist.org/ to do online Bible courses.

From Gary Hunt, Webmaster

Below you will find listed the courses that are currently available on this site. As time passes, we hope to add other courses to the list. These lessons are designed to aid you in studying not only various Bible subjects that contain references to different books in the Bile, but also in understanding specific books of the Bible.

It is our goal to make these lessons Bible based, seeking only to teach those things that are revealed in the Bible, rather than the traditions and ideas of men. Therefore, each lesson in whatever course you choose will require you to read various passages in the Bible in order to be able to accurately answer the questions presented.

As you study the lessons, you will be called on to fill in the forms yourself, providing the answers to the questions based on your examination of your own Bible. After completing each lesson and submitting your answers to us, you will immediately be presented with a confirmation page that lists the answers you provided so you can review them.  Also, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your answers for that lesson.  In a few days, you will receive another email that indicates your grade for that particular lesson.  After completing all lessons in the course, you will receive a file containing your certificate of completion which you can view and print on your own computer.  These lessons are designed to be done over the Internet rather than by regular mail. 

Online Bible Courses

Title General Description of Course
Jesus Christ Is The Way This study focuses on who Jesus is, what we must do to be saved and how we should worship and live after being saved. Draws a distinction between what the Bible teaches and what is commonly taught by the denominations about what we must do to be saved.
Lessons From The Book of Acts of The Apostles This study focuses on the biblical history of the early church - spread of the gospel among Jews and Gentiles. It challenges you to draws a distinction between what the Bible teaches about Jesus' church and what is taught by men today. It examines the way people were saved at that time. Also, it examines the example of the faithful lives of the apostles and early Christians.